Latest Issue of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures Teaches Kids to Pause before they Post

 New Garfield Cartoon Guides Kids toward Prudent Profiles and Safe Posting

Clearwater, FL (Feb. 22, 2017) – To expand parents’ and educators’ toolkit for teaching children to protect themselves online, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education™ (the Center) announced the next edition of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures. The second in the series launched last fall, “Pause Before You Post!” shows kids Garfield’s pal, Nermal, navigating the risks of sharing too much personal information online. Both the interactive cartoon and comic book end with a quiz, allowing kids to test and apply what they’ve learned.

In collaboration with Paws, Inc., the Center has been developing a series of cartoons, comic books, posters, trading cards, stickers, and other materials to help educators and parents teach children how to become responsible digital citizens. The Garfield materials aim to put cyber safety messages in a context kids in 1st through 6th grade can relate to, understand and retain. The third lesson, due out in April, will address online etiquette. Subsequent lessons will address cyberbullying, downloading movies and music, and more.

Center director Pat Craven reflects, “These days, children as young as five years old are spending time online. It’s impossible to supervise them constantly, so we owe it to them to empower them with the instincts and knowledge they need to protect themselves whenever they’re online. With so many kids of all ages just having received connected devices as gifts this past Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity for parents to initiate that dialogue with their kids as to what content is appropriate to post and what can get them into trouble.”

Garfield creator Jim Davis said, “We are thrilled by the feedback we’ve gotten in response to getting Garfield involved in cyber safety. We hope this next issue of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures helps children get comfortable socializing online but remember to do it safely.”

The new lesson will also soon appear in the Educator’s Kit, a complete online safety course for use in classrooms. The Educator’s Kit contains everything a teacher or group leader would need to teach an internet safety lesson to a group of students: a special Garfield cartoon and handouts, such as classroom wall posters, 30 sets of activity comic books, trading cards, a letter to parents, webcam privacy cling-ons, “I Am Cyber Safe” wearable stickers, and much more. Anyone may purchase the kits for groups or individuals at

The Garfield partnership is part of the Center’s latest enhancement to its Safe and Secure Online program. Safe and Secure Online offers tips and resources to children, parents, educators and seniors that draw from the expertise of (ISC)2 members, the pre-eminent cybersecurity experts in the world.


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