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Corporate social responsibility. Your employees want it. Your customers expect it. We’ll work with you to organize a Cyber Safety Program campaign that best suits your company. Whether it’s a “School Take Over” where your company sponsors Garfield in the classroom or an educational event, we’ll work together to help your employees make a real impact in the community.

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Being Safe and Secure Online touches every aspect of our lives every day. As an employer, show how seriously you care about the digital well-being of your employee’s children by providing Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures lessons.

  • Take Your Kids to Work Day
  • Adopt a School
  • Employee Benefit
  • Volunteer Program

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Courtesy of Cornerstone Charter Academy

Adopt a School

Be a local hero and ask your company to sponsor an elementary school with Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program to keep children safe and secure online. We propose an excellent strategy for companies to expand their corporate social responsibility to cover the cost of the Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program in a local elementary school in the community.

The cybersecurity professionals of your company can offer their expertise at PTA Parent meetings and school events through cyber safety presentations, handouts and resources. We believe that digital citizenship is most successful when safe information and behavior is demonstrated at school and home.

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Take Your Child to Work Day

Does your company have a day where employees bring their children to work, family days, or community outreach efforts? We want your help in making the day “Take Garfield to Work Day!”

Companies like JPMorgan Chase are using Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures as part of their outreach activities. It is a simple program that we encourage you to discuss with your company leadership and human resources department. Whoever is planning the program for that day will be excited to hear that you have something fun to keep the children busy while learning to be safe and secure online!

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Digital Employee Health and Wellness Program

Include Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures as part of your employee’s benefits or welcome package.

The digital version of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures provides 1-year of unlimited access to all interactive cartoons.  While Garfield’s appetite is larger than the world wide web, Dr. Cybrina is always a click away to help Nermal and the gang out of their sticky-cyber situations.

The program reinforces privacy, safe posting, and how to avoid cyberbullying with Try and Apply segments throughout the cartoon. Children can access Digital Garfield through a laptop, tablet, or any digital device for 1:1, independent, self-study anywhere!

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