“AWE Learning is excited to announce its recent partnership with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania, AWE Learning is the leading provider of digital learning solutions for public libraries throughout the United States and Canada.


AWE Learning’s newest products, Early Literacy Station™ Platinum, Bilingual Spanish Literacy Station, and AfterSchool Edge™ Platinum, each include more than 75 new software titles, spanning all STREAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math) for early learners. We are excited to have six (6) titles from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education on our new Platinum workstations. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures products on the new Platinum platform include three interactive Garfield cartoons and three Garfield eComic books for the children to read. Lessons include Privacy, Safe Posting, and Cyberbullying. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures is an award-winning product preferred by educators nationwide for its ability to engage children and foster retention of core cyber safety lessons.


Through AWE Learning’s partnership with the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, their educational software titles will reach a larger audience and will positively impact early learners.”

Full Press Release HERE.

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