Are you a fan of Garfield the cat? Do you know a second language? Got mad cyber skills? Use your talents to make the cyber world a safer place for everyone this April for National Volunteer Month!

Here are 5 ideas to contribute to internet safety education around you:

  1. Conduct a cyber safety presentation to youth, parents or senior citizens in your community using our Safe and Secure Online FREE resources available here: (multiple languages available).

“Safe and Secure Online is a huge benefit to the community. It’s well designed and well organized and helps prepare parents and seniors for this new cyber world.” – John Patrick Robinson, volunteer.

  1. Teach elementary school children how to be safe and secure online with Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures – it literally takes 30 minutes! Get the materials here:

“What an excellent program for children to learn how to be careful and watchful on the internet. This experience has exceeded my expectations in every way.” – volunteer.

  1. Talk to your HR department to see how internet safety education can be part of your company’s corporate social responsibility initiative. Share with them this brochure full of ideas.

“Our employees loved doing this and we hope to expand this to other schools.” – Nielsen manager.

  1. Help translate Safe and Secure Online materials to other languages! Interested? Email us at (Must be an (ISC)2 member).

“It is very rewarding to be able to use knowledge and skills learnt in the workplace, to help more vulnerable members of our communities, in an effective way.” – Mark Sykes, volunteer

  1. Volunteer your time reviewing cybersecurity scholarship candidates to help close the information security workforce gap. Requirements here.

“To be a part of shaping the future of Cybersecurity is very rewarding. I really enjoy getting to see the future of Sec Ops & helping those most in need to achieve their goals!” – volunteer

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