Summer is an exciting time for many families across the globe! It’s a time for children to have some fun, play hard, and make new friends. And one of the most popular destinations is already in your home- the internet. They’ve got tablets, games, and cell phones and they know how to use them. It’s the perfect escape from those dreaded summer assignments. At the Center, we want to help you keep them on track and have a #CyberSafeSummer through education and awareness.

3 Family Tips to have a #CyberSafeSummer:

  1. When it comes to gaming, encourage kids to set up private chats with trusted friends to avoid unwanted comments and exposure to inappropriate conversations through in-game instant messaging. Discuss options for setting this up using tools like Google Hangouts or Skype instead of using the in-game chat feature.
  2. Remember that even though your child’s profile may be set to private, that will not prevent them from seeing what others post and share. Respect and follow age requirement rules as a family.
  3. Start cyber safety conversations early and learn about the bullying laws and policies in your state. Communication and trust are critical in cyberbullying situations.

In addition to these #CyberSafeSummer tips, parents have access to free parent tips and research to gain more knowledge on how kids behave online.

If your kids are getting on the internet or testing the waters with a new cell phone for the first time this summer, consider our Child Parent Online Agreement  to make the rules clear.  Feel free to adjust as needed to make it perfect for your family.

For a more in-depth and engaging lesson on gaming, social media, and cyberbullying, head over to our Garfield home-packets and grab a home lesson before the summer gets started. These interactive and engaging materials will ensure you and your family have a #CyberSafeSummer!

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